Everything You Want To Know About Shincheonji

In this world where everybody follows certain religious beliefs and practices, there are all those religious movements and practices followed closely by people. If you haven’t ever heard of Shincheonji, it’s a church of Jesus in South Korea established by Lee Man Hee. This church is popularly known as the Shincheonji Church of Jesus. It is a new Christian religious movement. Shincheonji is commonly followed in South Korea and various other places. Here’s an in-depth introduction to the church Shincheonji.

Shincheonji church asserts the Lee Man Hee, who’s the founder of this church, is the warrior that the New Church Bible promised. The church also teaches that Lee Man Hee is the sole pastor who’s capable of converting or deciphering the key parables written in the book of revelation. The church Shincheonji has been engaged in a lot of controversies. But besides the controversies concerning the church, Shincheonji also has a significant number of followers out of and around South Korea and overseas.

Before launching the church, the founder, Lee Man Hee, was known to be a member of another religious movement known as Olive Tree. Olive Tree is also a new religious cult that started after post menopausal Korea. Olive Tree, for example Shincheonji, has been involved in many controversies from other religious groups and movements. Shincheonji church teaches that its members will get salvation during the final judgment days. One of the most controversial teachings concerning Shincheonji is that they think those members not joining the church or motion will be ruined or denied citizenship.

It was in the year 2020 Covid-19 pandemic that the church received intense scrutiny. It’s understood that a part of the Shincheonji church infected members of different churches, resulting in a spike in the pandemic. The disease also spread broadly among the members of Shincheonji and lots of others. But as of its messianic instruction, thousands of South Korean citizens are currently signing a petition against the church and urging the authorities to disband the church.

The doctrine of this church state that Lee Man-hee is the promised pastor mentioned in the New Testament. It further states that the Bible is written in metaphors that only the assured warrior can decode and interpret. Further, it proceeds that the salvation or eternal life is located in true faith inside the members and that everyone who’s not part of this church is going to be refused forgiveness. Despite being referred to as a cult group, Shincheonji members actively take part in various cultural and volunteer works.