All you need to know about Shincheonji

Shincheonji is also abbreviated as SCJ is a pseudo-Christian religion that’s largely practiced in countries such as South Korea. Shincheonji official faith name is”Shincheonji Church of Jesus, the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony.” Shincheonji was created and founded by a man named Lee Man-Hee at the year 1980s. And right now, in the present scenario, Shincheonji has got nearly 200,000 adherents. Shincheonji is exceptionally popular and common in South Korea. It’s a blend of Korean words or phrases for”New,””Heaven,” and”Earth.” The majority of the Korean is becoming ardent followers and practitioner of Shincheonji: yet it is extremely controversial.

Shincheonji has been heavily criticized and objected to their shallow, academically weak teachings. They’re also blamed for practicing and taking extreme figurative view of biblical texts. Shincheonji is also opposed to its cult-like air practices and methods. And the most contentious part regarding Shincheonji is its members’ involvement in several social, civil, and legal troubles. Many people in South Korea have raised their doubts and concerns about this cult religion. And hence many have stood against this faith and their practices. Shincheonji follow the practice of the sect’s twisting of Sculpture and this technique of them is completely objected by Korean citizens.

Henceforth to stop the further spread and growth of Shincheonji, lots of people have taken social media platforms’ help and support. They express their views and concerns through the internet, newspaper, etc.. And thus, stop the people from joining the Shincheonji cult or religion. They think that Shincheonji completely differs from Christian. Shincheonji Church is quite active and smart in cultural and volunteer efforts.

They generally practice their work and service through operating and running social-action organizations. Though this cult is objected and criticized yet, they are very successful and influential. The founder and creator of this cult claim that he has the special and exceptional capacity of interpreting the bible. He considers himself as immortal and states that salvation requires faith in under him. However, when study and research carefully, Shincheonji is entirely a significant diversion from the gospel’s actual teaching. For more information please Click Here

Shincheonji religion has the structure of following a special process of worshipping. The congregation members of Shincheonji have to kneel in tight rows. The members are prohibited from covering their mouth and face with sunglasses or masks. This method and practice of the Shincheonji Church of Jesus directly let the virus spread among the members. Shincheonji followers and members think that the virus was the work of the devil to prevent church work. They believe and consider that the virus was a kind of blockage to the progress of the religion. And hence they continue to practice their faith. And this ultimately allow the rapid growth and spread of the virus in South Korea in enormous numbers.